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MMD. - it's JJ styl--oooooh fu- :iconstanthemmd:stantheMMD 10 0 [MMD] 'THEY SAY SOULJA AIN'T A Z-WARRIOR' :iconstanthemmd:stantheMMD 2 0 [MMD] Xbox One Accessory Set DL :iconstanthemmd:stantheMMD 10 1 [MMD.] America when trump is in the white house :iconstanthemmd:stantheMMD 9 2 [MMD.] If your thoughts actually spoke out loud. :iconstanthemmd:stantheMMD 6 4 [MMD.] Shuffle series ep. 1 :iconstanthemmd:stantheMMD 6 3 [MMD] Live by the dab, die by the dab :iconstanthemmd:stantheMMD 7 3 [MMD vine.] PLAY ME IN REAL LIFE :iconstanthemmd:stantheMMD 6 1 [MMD vine.] The banana. :iconstanthemmd:stantheMMD 5 0 [MMD] You need some milk :iconstanthemmd:stantheMMD 20 1


[MME] Grass Effect Modified :iconvadim07:Vadim07 97 6 Green fire in the skies effect DL :iconzazitheangel19:ZaziTheAngel19 173 1
Don't be discouraged in making your own MMD Motion
Don't be discouraged to create your own motion.
Don't tell yourself that you'll never live up to the work of your favorite animator.
Everyone started from the cringey, stiff shitty motions.
But only a few decided to continue.
Please continue on with your animations. You'll do great.
Don't rely on recycled motions. Create something! 
Don't feel discouraged.
Don't be discouraged.
You'll be an amazing animator one day.
Please start now.
:iconwishuponacrane:wishuponacrane 15 25
The Mega Miku Miku Dance Rant
Let me tell you a story of a boy named "Mazin". Mazin started out in the unforgiving animation tool known as "Source FilmMaker". The tool's community, although very cruel at times, was what he called his home. He had a fair few friends that he would talk to about the tool but they never helped him with actually using it. He had to teach himself for nearly 700 hours, until one day he was on Youtube and discovered something very odd. It was an animation created in the tool "Miku Miku Dance" called "Megalovania" created by an individual that referred to themselves as "Puccagarukiss" or "Pucca" for short. Mazin watched it and was absolutely paralyzed with the shock of watching the creativity, models and lighting unfold through a 2 minute animation. Months afterwards Mazin learned more and more about the tool and eventually he was introduced to two aspiring animators known as "wishuponacrane" and "MagicalPouchofMagic". Although they were not as popular as Puccagarukiss they still
:iconamazingmazin:AmazingMazin 64 54
[ MMD ] A guide to Proper Crediting
Crediting is one of the most important things to do in MMD. When you credit someone, you are acknowledging the hard work and effort these people put. When you credit them, you're respecting them.
So therefore, not crediting means you aren't respecting these people. 
Proper crediting includes:
Listing the name of the creator along with the assets you used.
Linking back to the distribution of the creator. (Don't just link back the download page.)
Improper crediting includes:
Writing "All models/stages/effects used go to their proper owners."Saying "I forgot who made this."
Or simply just by not writing their names is probably the worst thing you could do.
But what if I can't remember who created this asset?
Two nifty programs called the MMD Credit Helper by ぺんぎん (Penguin) and PMMLookupper by LNSEAB are simple
:iconwishuponacrane:wishuponacrane 30 6
Some MMD Keyboard Shortcuts
'A' - Select  All
   Highlights the entire bones of the model.'B' - Black Background
Switches between white background and black background'C' - Select Bone
Highlights the currently selected bone.'D' - Center Bone Bias
Changes the position of the center bone in all frames'H' - Register facial
Registers ALL facials of the model'L' - Axis Switch
Switches between Local, Global and Accessory in the X, Y, Z Axis buttons on the lower right of the screen.'P' - Play
Plays the video.'R' - Multiply bone position
Edits the position of bones to help fit motion data on different sized models.'S' - Deselect Bone
Deslects the currently highlighted bone.'V' - Transparency
Makes the model transparent. Press V again to make the model opaque.'X' - Rotate
Brings out the rotate wheel on the selected bone.'Z' - Move
Brings out the move hand on the selected bone.'TAB' - Switch Models
Switch betwee
:iconwishuponacrane:wishuponacrane 72 12
Now maximum attack! :iconmotoyuki:Motoyuki 4 0 virus.exe :iconfefates:fefates 4,987 321 Ten Years :icongabbyd70:gabbyd70 7,019 3,147 MMD Shaky Camera (NuruNuruCamera) ENGLISH :iconkitkatmmd:KitKatMMD 41 20 History Books :iconmmdcollection:mmdcollection 204 1 [MMD] Super Manga + DL :iconnadeshikolove1:NadeshikoLove1 124 35 [MMD] Death Note Book - DL! :iconemily-liar:Emily-Liar 211 132 Jeezus Jack! :iconbleedman:bleedman 3,136 156 Hows the Chips? :icontheodd1soutcomic:theodd1soutcomic 1,910 222 MISTY!!! :iconjubyheadshot:JubyHeadshot 394 23



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Artist | Hobbyist | Film & Animation
United States
23 | animator using mmd | mostly funny stuff | creator of the shuffle series |


new motion DL in the description 👌
[MMD.] America when trump is in the white house
two shorts i put together before trump got sworn in yesterday.
...all i can do is pray for this country at this point, ain't gon be no part 3 lol

Motion DL for part 2 (yes you too can close the elevator door on your most hated characters lolol): [CLICK HERE ]

America model by zeze
Trump model by dalton2192

elevator hall stage in part 2 by Kagra P
(link to site:

boss office stage in part 1 by kaahgomedl
Error 404: don't know how to start a conversation with an artist whose work is frickin' amazing. 

Me: Oh I know. Spam them with favs, that oughtta do it! Hopefully they'll be more brave than me and say something

here's a fact about me most people don't know:

i was heavy into edm in high school. i was also heavy into the melbourne shuffle culture & dance(the one you see ya girl miku doing); ofc i had to keep it lowkey b/c of insecurities lol.

i'd always imagine seeing anime characters do that dance, and i'd wonder how i could bring that idea out.

when i found out about MMD, i saw a dude on youtube called MorososAP who made these shuffle animations on youtube, which kickstarted the idea.

i didn't actually bring it into fruition until now.

my plan for this series is to have a set of 2 or 3 characters from an anime or a game series shuffle to a selection of tracks.
ofc real life will get in the way of me making this shit. on top of that, dance animation is hard. fuckin. work. lol

but if i do get there, and i continue to, i hope this will inspire other people to do somethin'...i dont know yet.

thanks for reading 👊
-stan theMMD.

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SaltyyNaCl Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2017  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
Your videos are the AMAZING. I remember when I saw a video of your's the first time on YouTube. I told myself, one day I'll be able to make motions as well as him! I've only been working with MMD for a year and I have to say, I have learned a lot from watching your videos. I still need quite a bit of work though. I just need some more practice
Fantastic job and keep up the great work :)
stantheMMD Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2017  Hobbyist Filmographer
thanks! glad my vids helped you 👍👍
kittymonster14 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Your vids make me smile, a lot.
FredSmithArt Featured By Owner May 22, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Can't wait to see more of your vids, they're hilarious